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Innovation in Action

At Splendido, when we say we “stand out from the crowd,” the reasons go far beyond our beautiful setting and distinctive services. The programs we offer, the culinary experiences we curate, and the amenity spaces we design have been thoughtfully crafted to provide unique possibilities for those who live with us. The innovations in our community flow from the expertise of Mather, an industry leader that runs day-to-day operations fueled by insights from its own award-winning research institute and more than 80 years of experience.

For you, that means the peace of mind that comes from a Life Care Plan you won’t find anywhere else in southern Arizona… and the joy of exploring countless recreational, educational, and cultural programs designed to promote your personal wellness.



We know your wellness journey is completely unique to your life experiences and influences. That’s why we use the Person-Centric Wellness Model developed by Mather Institute to design wellness offerings that empower individuals to choose the types of fulfillment that match their aspirations. We call it ContinuWell™… and it’s the guiding philosophy driving a wide variety of programs.

A Culture of Creativity

We believe expressing your creativity is an integral part of Aging Well. Enjoy endless opportunities to explore new ideas as you try your hand at projects from fiber art to memoir writing to photography. Some signature offerings include

  • Open Art Studio where you can collaborate or get guidance on a project
  • a Visiting Artists series led by local experts to try new art forms
  • community-wide art projects that spark collective creativity


Figurati, the Italian word for imagine, is our indoor/outdoor holistic wellness space. This specially created environment is home to inspirational programs, including guided meditation, sound wellness, and nature bathing. The enclosed courtyard is perfect for small-group yoga or tai chi sessions.


Create an effective, customized fitness routine with the guidance of trained staff and an array of high-tech tools that assess and address your goals and needs. Keiser compressed-air weight-training equipment and Therabody devices more often found in specialized fitness centers are available here to enhance your workout.

Embrace Lifelong Learning

Opportunities abound with the Splendido Intellectual Pursuits Program, or SIPP. This resident-led series offers a unique and ever-changing curriculum of classes right in our community. Resident experts and top-notch guest speakers share their knowledge on topics from astronomy to history to economics in multi-session courses and one-time lectures.

  • Gain insights on geography, finance, and health
  • Learn the art of billiards
  • Keep up with current events
  • Explore the universe with astronomy experts from University of Arizona

We Call It Repriorment™

A unique approach to programs

At Splendido, we are guided by a philosophy that encourages residents to embrace their new, worry-free lifestyle by rekindling old passions and discovering new ones. We call this Repriorment,™ and it’s deeply ingrained in our thinking and the multitude of programs we develop for unique styles, tastes, and moods.

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