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A life plan for the long term

Splendido offers countless ways to enjoy every day, as part of our full-service lifestyle for a predictable cost. Plus, as a community with a Life Care Plan, we provide an important added benefit: a continuum of care, should you ever need it. In other words, your decision to live at Splendido includes a plan for someday, as well as a plan for every day.

Financial Components

We have an Entrance Fee and a Monthly Fee, which vary based on the size and location of the home you select. 1 A portion of your Entrance Fee and your Monthly Fee may be tax deductible. 2

Entrance Fee

We offer various refund options, including 90%, 80%, 50%, and 0%, allowing you to select a program and price that best suits your needs. The refundable portion of your Entrance Fee will be returned within a maximum of 120 days to you or your estate when you leave Splendido.3

Monthly Fee

This covers utilities, housekeeping, day-to-day home maintenance, landscaping, your Culinary Club Plan selection, and much more; it also includes your choice of long-term life care protection provided at Splendido.

1Second Person Fee applies to Entrance Fee and Monthly Fee.
2Please work with your tax advisor.
3Entrance Fee program is subject to change. Not all refund levels are available on every home.


Splendido offers two long-term care plans, affording you a choice for long-term care protection. Before you move in, you’ll select one of the following long-term care plan options. (Partners can each select a different plan if they prefer.)


The Life Care Plan provides unlimited days of care in Sonora at Splendido (upon permanent relocation) at nearly the same Monthly Fee you would pay if you had remained in your Terrace or Villa Home, regardless of the level of care needed.* This plan also provides a limited number of days for temporary care stays.


The 90-Day Plan includes up to 90 days of care at Sonora at Splendido (upon permanent relocation), at nearly no increase in your Monthly Fee.* Upon the 91st day, residents pay the daily rate for health care expenses.

* With either plan, there are additional charges to cover three meals per day, as well as medications, rehabilitation services, and other ancillary charges. If you already have long-term care insurance coverage, it may offset these additional costs.


What About Pricing?

You may be wondering what it costs to live at Splendido. A number of variables impact our fees. Things like the size of the home you select, its location in the community, whether it’s for one person or two, and choices you make regarding our Culinary Club Plan, long-term care plan, and guaranteed Entrance Fee refund level. If you’d like to know specifics about pricing as it relates to you, let’s have a conversation. We encourage you to call our Connections team at (520) 878.2612 or email info@splendidotucson.com.


If you have children, think about them, and how much nicer it would be for them if you make your own decisions and take charge of your own future.

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